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egorov agency

   egorov agency today


Egorov Agency develops only the projects that individually or collectively can solve the customer’s tasks on a high quality and effective level. We use only those tools that are guaranteed to produce a significant effect on business. Therefore, today Egorov Agency successfully performs the following tasks:






of webstores,
landing pages,
corporate websites.

Creating presentations::
2D-and 3D video clips,
interactive and educational
promotional films.

Customization and administration
of contextual advertising

in Yandex, Google,
Facebook, VK, Skype


egorov agency mission

"Energize your business!" - This is our main goal and work mission.


For more than 10 years our experts are working in the domain of online marketing and multimedia technologies.

 We have increased the value of your product / services
using creative design, spectacular 2D or 3D animation
and selling texts.

 We will bring to you the "willing" CLIENTS 
thanks to the most effective advertising
in Yandex Direct, Google Adwords, Facebook and VK.

   We turn your visitors and audience into YOUR CLIENTS 
at the advantageous landing page,
well-designed site or interactive presentation.

For performance evaluation we regularly check with the customer the following:

"Do you have more feedback?"

"Can the users find information in 1-2 clicks?"

"Has the order processing become faster?"

"Are the customers and employees satisfied with the site usability?"

"Has the price to attract customers decreased?"

"Has the average ordering amount increased?" Etc.

Therefore our team is constantly working hard to give positive answers to these questions. We assure you that cooperation with Egorov Agency will be successful and long-lasting, since our goal is the development and growth of the Client!


Egorov Agency team has all the merits required for success - competence, creativity, conformity, positive thinking, sense of humor, diligence, openness and self-criticism.


egorov agency: history of creation


Advertising agency Egor Egorov or «Egorov Agency» was incorporated in 2014 in Minsk, Belarus, but it was not a green field project. By that time the founder and leader of the agency had been successfully working in the internet marketing for more than 10 years.

From 2005 to 2014 Egor Egorov was co-owner and commercial director of web-studio «CSFactory», which in 2011, according to international experts was inside the TOP3 of "Web design studios rating of Belarus» ( During that period the studio had successfully implemented more than 300 Internet projects and multimedia presentations for customers from Belarus, Latvia, Germany, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan.

In 2009 Egor Egorov founded "Hammer Media" company and until 2014 he was its inspirer, director and co-owner. The performance output for over 5 years of work was the annual confirmation of the status of certified agencies by Yandex and Google Partner. Every month around 100 Belarusian companies had entrusted to the agency conducting their contextual advertising in Yandex, Google and Facebook.



our advantages
  • High competence
    High competence
    The average length of service of employees in the agency sector - 5 years.
  • Effective advertising
    Effective advertising
    Management of more than 100 advertising campaigns of Google AdWords, Yandex, Facebook and others.
  • Selling design
    Selling design
    Development of more than 300 successful online sites and creative presentations.
  • International best practices
    International best practices
    Successful experience working with the clients from CIS countries, Europe and USA
our partners
  • Yandex Direct
    Yandex Direct
  • Google Adwords
    Google Adwords
  • 1C Bitrix
    1C Bitrix
our clients
  • LG Electronics Inc.
    LG Electronics Inc.
  • life:)
  • Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
    Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG
  • Groupe Danone
    Groupe Danone
  • Infinitec
  • Техно Николь
    Техно Николь
  • Clarus Vision
    Clarus Vision
  • Grasp Visuals
    Grasp Visuals
  • amparo
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